sickness be gone!

brian didn’t feel well today and took a nap. complained of his stomach hurting. brianna just woke me up about 45 minutes ago and then ran to my bathroom to throw up but before i realized what was going on, it was too late and the seat wasn’t up and she proceeded to throw up on the seat and then on the floor. so i just spent while cleaning that up, her up, helping her, brian helped a bit, but his stomach really hurts and he kept gagging, he went back to bed. she is finally tucked in, prayers said, song sung, bucket by her side.

i’m proud of her for getting up, i have changed so many pukey sheets and it was nice to clean a bathroom instead!

i’m proud of myself for being calm and collected instead of outraged. i know that might sound crazy, but i was just so sick and tired of having to clean sheets after sheets, the floor, brianna, and her clothes because she refused to get up and go to the bathroom room. i would seriously loose my temper. and what made it even worse was knowing why and that i was, it fueled my anger even more, but not towards her, but towards myself which made me even more angry!

anyway. somehow i got through tonight being calm and collected and i really think that God played a huge part in the events and I thank Him.

i need to get to bed. my tummy is starting to not feel to great.

God, please let my household wake up feeling sick-free and refreshed.

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