I am so bizarre!!!

I have cleaning to do, like bathrooms, kitchen, family room, loft. I need to be cleaning and decluttering..

What do I decide to do..

Hang the ducky border in the girls bathroom!

The border I have had since living in our apartment before getting our house.

The border I was supposed to put up when we painted the girls bathroom, when Katie was a few weeks old!!!!!

I am crazy and ridiculous..

And determined LOL..

I also want to finish the cute shelves, with bath pictures of the girls, and hang Katie’s 6 month sear’s bath portrait LOL!

Is this because Sara is coming tomorrow.. probably LOL!

But hey, I at least it’s finally going to be how I want it right!

I’ll take pics after I’m done!

3 thoughts on “I am so bizarre!!!”

  1. Right on! lol At least you are doing something productive right? It’s not like the other housework won’t be there when you get done. teehee
    Can you tell I am the world’s worst procrastinator?


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