I’m so mad at Brian right now. I went to bed seething.

I suggested cutting out some expenses and one of them was tv and internet. you would have thought i stabbed him just for suggesting it. he completely got defensive and then accused me of always trying to take away his hobbies.

he didn’t help one bit (except to clean the cat litter) last night in regards to cleaning the house and went to bed at 10:30. and i was so angry. i stopped cleaning and went to bed.

i told him he could do everything this weekend and i wasn’t doing a thing.

i know i sound childish, but i am just so angry for getting that ridiculous over espn. i seriously wanted to turn around it bed and just kick him out.

i might be getting emotional because my period might be right around the corner, but it’s been screwy lately. i just feel mad right now..


11 thoughts on “………”

  1. I’m sorry, I understand your frustration. Have you tried calling your TV company and seeing if you can cut down your channels? It’s amazing what they will do for you if you are considering canceling. I JUST called and shut off our DirecTV about 15 minutes ago. LOL They offered me all kinds of great deals to stay on. We decided to turn it off all together and get Netflix because it saves us $33.00 a month and we can have more control over what the kids are watching. We only watch TV in the evenings here and it seems that almost ANYTHING that is on at that time has racey things in it or something else you don’t feel comfortable watching with your 6 year old. The commercials are just as bad if not worse. Anyway what I’m trying to say (seems I always go the long way around) is that maybe you can cut out things except a sports package for Brian.
    As for interenet I would love to get rid of my DSL and get dial-up but it’s kind of tricky since our phone and computer share the same line and it’s also our business phone #. The main reason is that when I got DSL I had to commit for year or I have to pay a big old installtion fee. I hate things that commit you for a certain amount of time.


  2. I am sorry sweetie. 😦 Hopefully he will understand you are just looking for ways to make things better financially, not make his life miserable.

    I hope today is a better day.

    Love ya.


  3. ((((Veronica))))
    Marriage can be hard sometimes 😦 I would have been irritated too though!! Just try and relax today 😉 I know you aren’t trying to take his hobbies away… if tv is that important to him maybe you two can find another expense to eliminate. I hope the rest of your day goes better. Take care sweets!


  4. We’ve had a few conversations like that.
    About selling the Jetta, getting rid of cable, internet, and land line.
    It’s tough stuff. While the idea of saving nearly $600 a month on all of that stuff sounds awesome… the desire to commit is not there.
    Just hang in there. Once you guys pay off your first big debt, you’ll be more excited about cutting stuff out.


  5. Anger is a horrible feeling and I so know how you feel!!

    On a more up note, did michael kill himself!?! What’s youre thoughts xxx.


  6. I so know what you feel, marriage is very tough! Hence, woman are from venus and men from mars, two different worlds. I know with Matt, if I took his tv and stuff, he will die! Literally! I agree with the first comment, try cutting down on channels you dont need, thats we did and as for internet, maybe try looking for a cheaper company, I know the internet is crucial for us, so we would cut down on other stuff!


  7. Were you as blown away by that turn of events as much as I was?? I seriously had my mouth open in shock!

    I don’t think Michael killed himself! I think he made a deal with the others. That he had to let “henry gale” go in order to get Walt back. He couldn’t just let him free with Anna- Lucia there, and he felt bad about killing her but he wanted his boy back, killing Libby was just a knee-jerk reaction because she walked in and saw the events, then he shot himself in the shoulder, and let “henry gale” go. He has a flesh wound, he can say “henry gale” escaped, killed anna-lucia and libby and shot him, but only got him in the shoulder! I think Micael is now going to be their worst enemy and not their ally, all because he will do anything to get Walt back! I can’t wait until the rest of the episodes!


  8. I sooo agree, me and the older family were like Woah!! I think like you do and the whole shot in the arm was a way of securing ‘Walts’ release, but we could be proved wrong, who knowa with this series, but I think we are on the right tracks and ‘humble pie’ if we are not!!!


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