Dora the Explorer accident..

Dora was reportedly dropped off the top bunk on the night of 5/24. She was unable to move, but accepted water, food and cuddling. Had a tiny bit of movement on my birthday and accepted treats, water, food and cuddling. We will see what today brings.

Poor hamster. For awhile I thought we were going to have a handicapped hamster, but she seems to be slowly recovering.

Brianna was of course devastated that she had hurt her hamster and was so afraid that she was going to die.

So please keep Dora the Hamster Explorer in your thoughts!

We’ve been praying that she makes a full recovery!

6 thoughts on “Dora the Explorer accident..”

  1. the kids had a hamster. It was the calmest greatest hamster we ever had. Anyway they were fighthing over it and Avery grabbed it and threw it against the wall. It went into seizures. I bawled and called for Jim to put it out of its misery but it died fast :(. Got a new one and a 3 year old drown it in our fish bowl when I was doing laundry ( I was babysitting). Poor hamsters at our house. Another one Brookes so called friends fed chips and ice tea too and it died. So I really am glad Dora seems to be getting better.


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