Passport Aggravation..

My passport is being held up. Though all I was doing was changing my name and sent all the appropriate paperwork and documentation, they decided they also needed a photocopy of my driver’s license. Sending me a letter in the mail on May 24, which I did not receive until May 30.

We are leaving for Grand Cayman on June 10!!!!!!!

I overnighted the photocopy and a nice letter explaining why I need it done ASAP and a return priority envelope pre-addressed and paid for. I will be calling tomorrow afternoon after tracking it.

I don’t feel I should pay another $60 to expedite it..

Anyway, please pray it gets here on time.

I don’t want any issues and it is just so much easier to travel with a passport.

6 thoughts on “Passport Aggravation..”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that! Sometimes I think gov agencies enjoy making people squirm! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they get it all taken care of and you get your passport asap!


  2. passport agency’s can be a PITA

    we had a whole lotta trouble with them getting David’s passport.. we applied 3 months before our trip also..

    first his pictures werent good enough.. they were exactly the same except one his eyeballs pointed right & in the next they pointed left

    then after sending new pics they sent another letter that they needed his full birth certificate (when it says they can use the birth card)
    we had never gotten his full birth certificate.. so i rode to columbia & got it & overnighted it to them
    BUT.. since we had never gotten it.. we had no idea that Michaels name was left off as father.. it was blank! (we later got it fixed) it had been screwed up somehow
    but we sent it anyways.. since i was listed on as mother & I was the one applying for the passport

    well. I call them a week later & they said yes they had recieved it.. but it could not be processed AGAIN because he had no legal father
    I asked her WTF all the millions of people in the world who had no legal fathers did.. could they not get passports?
    bitch actually argues with me that ALL children have legal fathers. I actully had to explain that ALL children have biological fathers , but millions do not have legal fathers. she tells me i am WRONG
    tells me i need to delay our trip .. blah blah blah
    tells me even if i payed the expedite fee I will not have it within 2 weeks

    I ended up hanging up on the dummy & calling my state senators office.. they have represenatives that will handle stuff like this..
    within 2 hours the represenative called me back & asked if i wanted them to mail it to me regular or overnight it, & if overnight could he have my credit card number so i could pay the $12 fee..I told him overnight cause we where leaving in 2 weeks
    but i had the thing 2 days later

    anyways. good luck


  3. Veronica you should be able to travel with just your Drivers License and Birth Certificate. My mom does and she was just down here last week.

    Ps I hope we can meet up I want to give you my email but i don’t want to post it on here i will most it in MTT


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