Did we mess up?

I “O” on Monday. And my IUD was taken out on Tuesday.

We started using condoms, but we slipped up twice. Saturday and Sunday morning with using nothing. It’s marked protection on my chart because I had the IUD in..

We would have used protection had I gotten my IUD out last Thursday like I was supposed to, but I was unable to make it to my appt. in time.

I wouldn’t mind being preggo 😉 especially since that would mean no period on our vacation LOL!

Here is my chart for those who know this kind of thing..


If the IUD’s first line of defense worked then we should be fine, but if it didn’t then the back-up of not letting eggie implant (the reason why I decided the IUD wasn’t right for me afterall) would not be in place anymore…


I guess only time will tell!

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