Borrowed from annmc74

This is funny: go to the google search engine and type in your name+ ‘needs’ after it, example “John needs”

Write down the first line of the description of the first website that appears. (It should say something like: “John needs a shave”)

Put this at the bottom of this list, remember to add your number before it

1-Sabrina needs a home!hehe
2-lucy needs gossip..indeed!!
3-Mott needs…wristband campaigns for sick children!? ok then!
4-Matts needs to not play every little blog meme that comes along – hehe
5-Loutzenheiser needs to provide review before project is completed. – God damn it!!!
6-Danny needs surgery :s
7-Nichola needs hugs!!!.. she does
8. Vikki needs a spanking
9. Russell needs your help!
10. Katy needs to eat some sweets
11. mike needs a date!!
12.shannon needs your help
13. Gemma NEEDS a kidney 6th February 2005
14. Lizzie needs extra food so that she can grow up to be strong
15.Ashee needs to stop singing and get a nose job
16.Nicola needs to retain sufficient cash to meet her income needs while on her career break, plus a further amount for emergencies. …
17. Gina needs a severe reprimand for having done what she did
18. Ann Needs to Get Ahold of Herself
19. Veronica needs a diary

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