Regal Beach Photos

These are pics of our condo starting with the view both taken from the living room!

the hallway (and Dwight’s butt LOL)

our room (with the pack and play for Katie)

Dwight and Brianna’s room

me in the living room

Dwight in the dining area and the kitchen!

I don’t have pics of my parent’s room or the bathrooms, but all was so nice! We couldn’t have asked for a better place, the view was breathtaking and I highly recommend Regal Beach! So everyone go to Cayman and of course visit with Tana! She is so very sweet!!!!

10 thoughts on “Regal Beach Photos”

  1. Whoa baby! That is a nice place! I was worried about that tropical storm….did you get a lot of rain or did it miss you? Looks like loads of fun!


  2. It missed us!!! There was a ton of flooding when we got there, but didn’t effect us and there was minimal rain while we were there!!


  3. Babe I am so jealous, How gorgeous is your condo, I would move there tonight!!!!!

    I am having LOST withdrawals, How about you!!! BUT man didn’t the last episode leave you a tad bewildered. Loved the random concrete foot out of nowhere!!! Sooo looking forward to September!!!!!!! Bring it onxx


  4. The last episode of LOST was like “whoa” LOL.. The blizzard and LOL at the “random concrete foot” It was a good episode, can’t wait to see where they are going to take the show in the fall!!!


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