LJ hasn’t been the same lately 😦

Brian and I have been talking a lot lately and so far this is what we have come up with..

Next summer is going to be very busy for us…

We decided to TTC Quinn baby #3 starting in December and here’s to getting preggo right away!!!!!

We have  a wedding in PA to go to in May and my 27th birthday is May 25.

June is Katie’s 3rd birthday June 27th and also our vow renewal June 29th.

Our vow renewal is going to be on a Friday night. Are thoughts were to have it at Monaco’s and it was going to cost around $3000 for the catering alone.. It was all starting to cause me great anxiety. Brian wasn’t involved in any of the planning and we were starting to loose focus on why we really wanted to renew our vows in the first place. We are meeting with Tom (our pastor) sometime soon to sit down and talk about everything. But right now are thoughts are, we still want family there and for it to be a “family renunion weekend” We thought we could have dinner at my parents (food trays and such) and then the renewal at church, have music and worship afterward our vows and then cake. Then the next day food and fun again at my parents for our renunion 🙂 I love my dress but I think I’m going to sell it on e-bay, but I’m going to wait until our plans have been finalized. Since I hope to be PG during that time anyway.

We are still going to Hawaii July 6-13th. and Brian’s 27th Birthday is July 22.

August is Brianna’s 6th birthday.

Hope to have baby in Sept. though I know it’s whenever God’s timing is 😉

October we have another wedding in PA to go to.

I know all of this is a year away, except our TTC date of course. But it has all been on my mind so much these past couple of weeks. Mostly TTC baby #3 has and working that in to the already hectic summer we have going on …

Anyway, this is why I’ve been so quiet. Just a lot on my mind with trying to figure things out..

19 thoughts on “Thoughts….”

  1. *Hugs* V! It seems as though you have been thinking a lot and putting a lot of thought into things, which is a great thing!! I know it is stressful as well, but it is good.

    I hope things go smoothly for you, as all of these different things start happening (Renewal, ttc etc…)

    You have always been a strong woman, so I have no doubt this will slow ya down! Try and relax a little hun, easier said than don, I know!!



  2. girl don’t worry about it. you have alot on your mind. i hope that all goes well with all your plans i like the idea of a low key vow renewal.

    good luck and just keep us updated!


  3. Good luck with everything Veronica! Sounds like you have a lot on your mind. When I have a lot on my mind I get so anxious, even if it is good stuff, I am such a weirdo!

    I think it is so cool you are having a vow renewal, I want to do that for our 10 year anniversary. My 8 year anniversary is coming up in July…holy cow have I been married 8 years?!



  4. I have to agree about LJ not being the same. It’s been a little quiet, too. I been blogging here & there over MySpace.

    It sounds like a very busy summer next year! I hope you come to a decision for your renewal ceremony, I think what you have in mind, sounds beautiful. 🙂

    Oh, Hawaii, I’m so jealous! My parents went there & I saw their pictures & it’s breathtaking! Save me a spot in your suitcase!



  5. Do you think #3 will be your last? Do you want a boy? Will you have a #4 if #3 is another girl? SO MANY QUESTIONS. 🙂 gl! 😀


  6. (((HUGS))) sounds like you’ve had a lot on your mind

    that’s exciting about ttc baby #3!

    the way you started the post though I was getting ready for you to say you were leaving lj or something…and I would of been sad 😦


  7. I want 4!!!!

    I kind of want #3 to be a boy, which I thought I would never say, but after watching baby Brandon, I think baby boys are fun!

    If #3 is a girl, then we will definitely try for #4!!!


  8. When I have a lot on my mind I get so anxious, even if it is good stuff, I am such a weirdo!

    That is so how I feel!!! We can be weird together!


  9. Good luck with all your plans for next year(it’s gonna come faster than you think) and I can’t wait to read all about it.Happy Birthday Katie!!! it is today right?


  10. i am 100% right there with you on being quiet lately.

    I actually am now journaling somewhere else, where I feel safe and like I have regained a litle control, also works hasn’t blocked it yet, lol. I’d be happy to email you the link if you need some reading material for a boring day! LOL I have been updating there with belly pics an I am adding all my 20 week u/s pictures tomorrow.

    I am so excited about you TTC again. Yippie!!!!

    I can’t wait to hear all about the vow renewal, that is so awesome. What a great idea.


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