Sorry so quiet…

I have no motivation to journal at all..

I have been reading everyone’s journal on LJ and elsewhere though 🙂

My brain has been in baby land again, though we still aren’t officially TTC until December…

And it doesn’t help that my cycle is so messed up this month, especially with missing temps from our vacation and also from about a 4 day stretch where Katie and Brianna were up a lot during the night and I didn’t get 3 consecutive hours..

I had a week off from watching the boys, they come back today.

4th of July was awesome. It rained a lot during the day, but we went to the parade and then to my parents for food and fun. Watched the fireworks from their back porch. It was really nice. Brianna stayed up, Katie stayed up as well but fell asleep right before they started LOL..

I’m starting to freak out over money, but we are still ok. Mostly because Brian’s car needs a new transmission. We are just going to sell it and put the cash away. We are down to just one vehicle and it is depressing. It can be done, but it is definitely not fun being stuck home all day or even driving to drop him off or pick him up..

Alright, Katie wants to snuggle with me..

I’ll try to check in more and comment more..

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