When it rains, it pours…

I’ve been worried about money.. Conner goes into full day kindy starting 8/25. We have to make up for the income I’m losing because of it.

 Brian can’t seem to get anywhere within Ashland, and he was really bummed out about not even getting a chance to get this last manager position.

Our water bill hit this month and it was a lot higher than it was supposed to be, but we should have had it covered, we were saving for it every month, but… . When we changed life insurance companies a few months ago, the old company never dropped us and continued to pull the money ($50+) directly from checking and they owe use that money back, they are still dragging their feet I’m just waiting for them to bill us again this month too.

Our homeowners association bill just came and that was $100..

Brian’s car is done, we just need to sell it, most likely to a junk yard because it needs about $2000 in repairs. So we are down to one car and he is at a different building for work so he can’t ride in with Deana for 3 weeks. I’m without a car during the day because there is no way logistically that I can bring him to work and be able to get the boys at the same time..

Topped off with..

Brian just called me and said he got into a car accident this morning. He’s fine. Two cars in front of him slammed on their brakes and he hit the car in front of him. He was practically right outside work when it happened and he know’s the person he hit. Her car isn’t too bad, but the van has a chunk out of it he said.

Can’t we catch a break..

I just feel so frustrated right now…

5 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours…”

  1. Let’s run away.

    I really hope things start looking up for your family. I know how awful financial stress is, believe me. Starting in Aug, we need $400 more a month just to pay for school. I hope a perfect situation comes up for you and your fam to make up for Conner. And believe me, I know how living w/ one car is. We’ve gone, so far, 7yrs, 1 car, and looks like it’ll always be that way.

    I hope the damage to your van isn’t very bad.
    I won’t be home today, but if you want to call tomorrow, I’ll be home.


  2. I’m sorry Veronica, everything always seems to come at once. It stinks to feel like this. Lee tells me all the time that I never seem happy, I have a great life, wonderful kids and my problems are nothing compared to a lot of people, but I know what he’s talking about. I try to deny it but I am unhappy quite a lot, I don’t even know if I would call it unhappy per se, yet my mind IS always clouded with negative thoughts and I do feel that they are conveyed even when I try to hide them. Lee says it’s just a certain tightness to my face that is obvious even when I think it’s not. I don’t have any friends, don’t want any, yet long for them at the same time. It just seems easier to isolate myself then to put myself out there.
    Right now I’m reading Joyce Meyer “Battlefield of the Mind” and it’s quite helpful. I’m sorry to turn my reply into such a babble, you’ll be in my prayers.


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