Because mud is fun!

I had a crazy day. Things have been pretty interesting since going down to one vehicle. Brian drove into work today, but was coming home at lunch so that I could have the van. He called around 11:30 saying he was on his way and that I needed to have the kids ready to go because he had to be back there by 12:30 for a meeting. Right before the call, chaos had erupted in the house. Katie was yet to be dressed. Conner came in from outside covered in mud, stating that Brianna had thrown it all over him. I then ran outside and she had mud all over her. I lost my cool and told Brianna rather loudly that she needed to get in the tub and now! Somehow I managed to get all kids ready, and things packed and ready to go. Brian showed up, got in the van and dropped him off at work. We went to the ATM, McDonald’s and then my Parent’s house. The kiddos ate lunch and we played, well they played while I supervised/read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (for the second time!) Katie took a much needed nap. Then it was time to load the boys in the van. Brianna and Katie were spending time with Abuela and Uncle so that Brian and I could eat dinner with Peter and Kelly and then see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. So the boys and I went to Leo Alfred to pick up my wedding ring, the middle diamond had broken off, it needed a new head and to be sodered back on. Not bad since it is 50+ years old! I was just glad God brought it to my attention, before the diamond went missing!!! Then we went to Anthony Thomas to get some chocolate for Kelly, tomorrow is her 29th b-day!!!! Then to Hallmark for her b-day card 🙂 Took the boys to Ashland and waited/read Harry until Deana came out. By the time I was leaving the parking lot it was 5:30. Got gas and then went to Pete and Kelly’s right before Pete and Brian showed up (Pete picked Brian up at work) We had an awesome dinner of cheesy potatoes, green beans, grilled chicken and fudgy brownies (or frownies LOL, as Pete dubbed them) for dessert! Katie (babysitter for Grant and Addie) showed up and off we went to Mill Run for the movie! It was pretty good, I know they are coming out with a third one and that is why it ended the way it did, but it left me full of questions!! I guess we will just have to wait for the answers. Got to my Parent’s around 10:45 and walked in to a huge surprise. The girls were both asleep. Usually we get there and they are wired, running around and laughing hysterically, out of sheer exhaustion. But not tonight, they were both conked out. It was so nice!!!!

All in all, a pretty great day, though I hope to have no more mud fights in the future!

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