God rocks!

So feeling much better on the car situation! Brian wasn’t supposed to be doing the other project for work this week, but he didn’t find out until yesterday. They decided they still needed him today but that he could go back to his regular job on Friday. This is awesome logistically speaking, because I don’t have to drive him up to work, then meet Deana at Ashland to get the boys and sit around until my doctors appt. Now Brian can ride with Deana to work! I’m still going to meet them at Ashland after work though because we need to pick up a car at my parents. The van is going in for the brake work it needs Sat. morning and we need a car.

Next week Brian can take the van. On Wed, Thurs. and Friday I can have the van and he can ride in with Deana. No more freaking out about how I was going to get to the airport with 4 kids!!

The following week the van goes in for the body work. Kelly and Peter are going to be on vacation so Pete is letting Brian borrow his car for the week to get to work! That is awesome!

It has worked out so well and I’m just so thankful. I knew God would work it out, but I was starting to feel a little frustrated about the whole situation. I feel much better now!!!

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