Bad hands…

So I had my doc appt. It went well. There are three things that could be causing the pain, numbness and swelling. They took blood to see if I have a B12 deficiency, or a thyroid problem. If it isn’t one or both of those, then I will go to a hand specialist. They will do this EMG test to see if the nerve is being compressed, otherwords, carpal tunnel.

I’m supposed to keep my braces on, yes I look like a nerd with a brace on each wrist, and take Motrin daily for 2 weeks to see if that helps. Then if it is carpal tunnel, I can either deal with it with braces and motrin when it comes on (since it usually comes on with stress, and when I’m stressed I spend a great deal of time reading or on the computer) or surgery..

So I guess I just wait and see what the blood work says and then go from there. I don’t want surgery if I can help it. I have delt with this for 8 years though, off and on, so I guess we will just see what will be best for the long run.

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