Random Memories.

So every now and then I get a glimpse of a memory, brought on by smell and the memories that are brought back are always of my childhood. 29 Randall Dr. Cherry Hill, NJ. It’s where my Nana and PopPop lived and I spent so many times in that house, and it was my favorite thing to do growing up. Getting to visit with them and usually all my Aunts and Uncles and Cousins. It was such a wonderful time!!

Anyway, I stepped into my parents garage a little bit ago and this aroma of garage/grass/summer/heat and I was instantly reminded of Nana and PopPop’s! It happened before, when I was at my friend Kelly (Marybeth)’s house and I went upstairs and passed by her bathroom. Her house is older and as I walked up the stairs this smell hit me and I was like Nana’s house! And I just stood there for a few minutes enjoying every second of the memories that came flooding back with just that small smell!

I always thought I was going to have a lot of money one day and I was going to move into that house. It was my favorite house ever, and if I couldn’t move in I was going to have a house built exactly like it! I wonder if that dream will ever be realized.

For now I will just have to remember and cherish the little things (like smells) that bring those memories back to me!

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