Shelby Gayle A*****!

Baby Girl A***** has a name! I was so surprised as I totally thought she was going to be Evie or even Josie. Nope, Shelby and the name is just perfect for her! You look at her and she is Shelby, no doubt about it!!! She is so beautiful!!! I know I said all her stats already but, here they are again:

5lbs 60z

So tiny! She was sleeping pretty much the whole time I held her and you would have thought she was a baby doll with how tiny and still she was!!! Adorable!! Mimi is doing awesome, a bit tired but you seriously would never have guessed she just had a baby! I’m so glad that I got to spend some time with her and Shelagh and meet baby Shelby! Emma-Grace was too cute and she was holding Shelby when I got there. Then Jonathan, his parents Gary and Barb and Emma went home. Mimi’s brother Mark and his friend Michael came by and then Shelagh. It was nice to just hold Shelby and hang out! Such a little miracle!!! Here are some pictures!

Me holding precious Shelby!

Proud mommy Mimi, Shelby and Shelagh!

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