Miss Sara!!!

So we have a babysitter now! It’s the first person besides family and close friends to babysit the girls!!! I’m very proud of myself for setting everything up and going through with it all LOL. Miss Sara is Brianna’s teacher from VBS this summer. She is 16 going on 17 in January and so very sweet!

It was my trial run. We need a babysitter for the 26th as the whole family is going downtown in a limo to a very nice restaurant! No kids allowed, with all family being there, no family to watch the kiddos LOL!

The girls did great tonight. Katie had no issues, did not cry once. And even went on the potty while we were away!

Brian and I had a blast at Olive Garden! I love their strawberry bellini’s. So yummy! It was so nice to go out and just be with each other! We had great conversation and I just really needed this time to reconnect with him.

4 thoughts on “Miss Sara!!!”

  1. That’s great, it’s really nice to go out sans the kids sometimes. I don’t know what I would do without my babysitting co-op!


  2. woo hoo!!! I SO wish Andy would go for something like that. We have no family around or friends…. so we just never get out 😦 I think alone date nights are SO important! Glad you enjoyed yourself and found someome trustworthy 🙂


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