I’m surviving..

I totally wanted to jump Brian last night but he pulled the tired card, so I was kind of mad, but I must have fell asleep pretty quickly because I didn’t have much time to work myself into a super frenzy like i normally would have.. Plus I normally would have just left the room all mad, not that he would know, and then sit at the computer for a few hours, but I decided to sleep instead. I had a weird night, I usually dream very vividly, but last night it felt like my dreams were skipping around too much to really remember them. I felt great this morning and jumped up, took a shower and get myself ready. Brian left for work, he is using my old cell phone, but it doesn’t ring only vibrate but better than having to dish out money for a new phone right now.. I have 6 kids at my house right now.. So I’m glad I’m super charged. Brandon just went down for a nap, he is super cute and my little man. Such a good boy! And Everett went down, though he’s having a bit more trouble, he isn’t bawling, but every once in awhile I will hear a peep out of him, that’s why I’m on the computer right now, supervising it he will get to sleep. It’s his first time here so I’m not surprised, it will take time for him to get used to it and it won’t be as easy I think with him because he will usually only be here Mon and Wed. until 2… Katie is watching “Katie” and Turner, Brianna and Conner are about to go outside to play…

Now I lost my train of thought, oh well.. it’s gone..

Oh yeah, I am doing alright today, I took some St. John’s Wart and some Green Tea though 🙂

So far the morning is running really smoothly.. I’m going to try and get some stuff done around the house while the kiddo’s are sleeping..

3 thoughts on “I’m surviving..”

  1. I just got done reading all of your recent entries and I am so proud of you that you are journaling it out and maybe it will help you more when you ar reflecting! I definitely think that if you feel you aren’t receiving the right type of support from your current counselor that you should seek out a new one. Have you been able to determine any cause of your reaction to certain things and how you cope with them?

    You are so strong Veronica to share with all of us what you are going through, a peek into your mind and thought process with the issues you struggle with. That is a huge step! I would NEVER judge you and I truly do think that all of this will be beneficial in the long run of things. It seems that Brian is in tune with you and trying to help you as much as he can… Oh and of *Q* baby #3 was conceived it will be a blessing no matter what and I will be so excited for you guys! You make such beautiful babies and just remember it would be God’s will and plan or no plan a blessing, BUT I can understand the initial panic!

    Love you sweets!


  2. Thanks Ella, I really appreciate you and our friendship. I’m sorry that I have been distant lately, and I hope to be a better friend 🙂


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