Let the fun begin.. sort of..

I was having a blast tonight.. Seriously, I had my music turned up super loud and I was doing the dishes.. I know that sounds bizarre, but this is why..

I let Brianna stay up late to watch the Lizzy Maguire Movie on Disney and I was all depressed and blah on the computer.. Then I heard Brian come home.. As soon as I heard the garage it’s like I went into lightspeed. I got Brianna in bed, prayers and song and her to say two things to me..  Got out of her room and Brian walked past me on the stairs and said hi, still grumpy because of his phone.

I got my ipod out and put in my earbuds and I was in Nirvana heaven, but then it went to other songs can’t remember then finally landed on Daft Punk and I was like, yeah! So I switched it over to listen purely to Daft Punk and I was dancing and doing the dishes.. I don’t even remember all the stuff I was thinking about so it must not have been too important, Brian took a shower and came downstairs and dried the dishes and I was still on cloud nine listening to music! Then I decided, I was going out to Walmart, since we are in desperate need of groceries. So I got my stuff together, made sure Daft Punk was ready to go in the car and took off and I was free!!! The bass was awesome and I was dancing will driving and just felt on top of the world!!!!!!! Got to Walmart and audibly cursed myself for not bringing my earbuds.. and then happily went flying through Walmart singing and throwing stuff in the cart.. Then I started to get quiet and thinking bad things, like I’m just crazy and this mood isn’t going to last and I’m going to crash I can feel it and I need a jolt of caffeine to keep me going, and all sorts of other things I can’t remember but had to do with me starting to cool down and I was pissed because I wanted to stay hot.. Got checked out which took forever… Got back in the car and had music on again and felt better, not as good as before, but still ok..

Now I’m just chillin I guess, I should probably go to bed, I feel exhausted, but at the same time like I don’t want to sleep..

Anyway.. Just thought I would write that at the moment I’m happy, it better last…

4 thoughts on “Let the fun begin.. sort of..”

  1. Music can do amazing things for a person πŸ™‚ Nirvana and Punk is SO not what I pictured you listening too though! hehehehe


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