I have an appt.

and talked a bit with Brian. He asked me how serious it all was and I directed him to my journal, so we might discuss tonight. There is a lot going on tomorrow.. I am going to meet my girlfriends at Panera tomorrow morning, I have a counseling appt with someone new at noon, a baby shower to go to. I have to pick up the babysitter at 5:15 then we are going to Miranova!!

I called Directions Counseling today and got the soonest appt I could. They gave me a number to call for an emergency or said to call 911, but I’m not really that bad.. Of course I am on a high right now with my family being in town and spending $200 of my Mom’s money at Target.. I plan on printing out my entries to show her what is going on and I have my memories of past occurences in my brain.. 

I guess that is all that is going on with me right now.. 

I got starbucks today, it was good and made me happy with a smile 🙂

5 thoughts on “I have an appt.”

  1. Glad you’re getting some help V 🙂 Are you going to print out your entires for your new counselor? Or just be more open to him/her? ((hugs))

    Starbucks and shopping are surefire ways to feel better!!! heheheheh



  2. I am glad that you made an appointment with someone new, just keep in mind that it may be a trial and error process before you find the right fit with a counselor, but I truly hope that this new one is it for you.

    Everyday is a new day, a fresh start, it is what you make of it… some days we struggle others we thrive, and that is perfectly normal 😉

    Oh, and please don’t think that I think you need to be a better friend, you are dealing with your issues and life and there is nothing wrong with that! I think you are an awesome friend Veronica!!
    Looks like the next couple of days are going to be jam packed, update if you can but most of all enjoy yourself!!!
    *Sorry for the typos in my other post… I am always rushing and don’t proof read… LOL*


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