Alright then…

My temp plummeted this morning, but I’m still just spotting. We will be a lot more careful, until January. No more impromptu shower escapades! That and I ovulated 5 days earlier than normal this month!

I’ve been doing really well this morning emotionally. We had yummy bagels this morning! Read some of the Bible Study I’m doing wtih my friend Heather. Got some cleaning done.

I got a call from USAA saying that someone used Brian’s debit card in Malaysia. It was obvious that since we live in Ohio and had just used it at a gas station that we couldn’t be in Malaysia at the same time. We have no idea how someone stole the number??? So they put a hold on the card and a new one is being sent to us fedex, will be here by Thursday and then they suggested we cancel mine at that time and get a new one for me as well. I’m so thankful USAA was on top of it!

Alright, better start making lunch!

5 thoughts on “Alright then…”

  1. Ya know a few years back we got a call saying someone in upstate NY used Steve’s card to order something and they didn’t think it was him so they didn’t allow the transaction and they were cancelling the card and sent Steve a new one…Love it when companies actually watch out for you!


  2. What bible study are you doing? We are getting ready to dive into Hebrews here! 🙂

    WOW, I’m so glad they were on top of it and were able to contact you aas quickly as they did so you could get yoru card canceled! *hugs*


  3. Calm My Anxious Heart, by Linda Dillow 🙂 We are on chapter 2 and this book is definitely what my heart needs to hear right now!!!!

    You’ll have to let me know how Hebrews goes 🙂

    I’m so thankful for USAA, they are always on top of things and so good to us!


  4. I got a call from my bank when I went to Montreal and spent an obscene amount of money, and a call from my credit card company when I went to Vegas this summer and, once again, spent an obscene amount of money. It’s always been me, but I guess it’s good that they check. Kinda scary that they’re so on top of your personal spending habits, though.


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