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My Pre-K Girl :)

I cried, and my defense is I have AF πŸ˜‰ I haven’t cried for preschool 3’s or 4’s, but pre-k had me all teary eyed. Hopefully I won’t have AF when she goes off to Kindy!

Brianna’s account of the day:

“I played outside. Me, Paige and Mrs. Jacobson found a bug on a tree. It was a big bug. It got out of it’s shell and it was dead. We went to the bathroom. First we washed our hands.Β  Mrs. Damante said “Line up so you can wash your hands” She’s a weird girl. (Then she asked what I had written and I read it back to her) Just write it all over again and no weird girl part. We sang songs. I painted. We read books”

That’s all she had to say LOL!

Anyway, I am super excited for her because she has Mrs. Jacobson again! She had her in preschool 3’s! And Mrs. Damante and Mrs. Kluve are awesome as well! Looking forward to a great year!!

Taylor (Conner’s cousin and was in Brianna’s class last year as well!), Brianna and Katie (who had to “come wiff you”)

Brianna looking for her name tag! That is Mrs. Damante checking out her clipboard behind Brianna!)

Brianna holding up her name tag! That’s Hannah’s dad back left!

Katie,. Brianna, Jenny, Aaron, Taylor and Hannah! (Jenny forgot her camera so I made sure I got some with Taylor for her! And I looked like crap today, therefore I am not in any of these pictures LOL!)

Brianna and Katie! Jenny and Hannah’s dad in background..

Brianna and Mrs. Kluve!

Brianna and Mrs. Damante!

Brianna and Mrs. Jacobson!! Brianna was thrilled to see she had her for a teacher again. She told me tonight when I tucked her into bed that she loves Mrs. Jacobson and that she is a pretty girl!

Katie was super upset when we went to leave. She kept calling for Brianna. It was so cute but so sad. She missed her sister so very much!

My Mom met me at school and sat with Brandon and Everett in the van while I did the picture thing. Then we went to Sam’s Club and did some major shopping! Katie in the cart my Mom pushed. Brandon and Everett in the cart I had. They did really well sitting next to each other and I fed them cheerios as we went LOL. Went home, put everything away, Christie came to pick up Everett. Then it was time to pick Brianna up! She skipped right out the door, and said she had so much fun! We picked up her painting, which I want to get a picture of for the scrapbook. She gave it to Abuela! She was beaming when she told my Mom all about having Mrs. Jacobson again! And telling all about her day!

7 thoughts on “My Pre-K Girl :)”

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwww such a big girl!!!! πŸ˜€

    My maiden name is Jacobson and it’s SO odd to actually seen it spelled that way. The only time I ever saw it was the guy who created ER (the tv show lol) He was Dan Jacobson (actually my brothers name lol). It’s always SEN πŸ™‚


  2. Aw! She is so gorgeous! It is hard to send them out into the world…. even though it is so good for them! Now I MUST do the 1st day of school post that I have neglected to type up because I am feeling quiet.. Soon though!

    Thanks for sharing and thank you for being such a great friend to me! Love you V!


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