The Kids

Miss Independent!

Katie just shoved me out of the bathroom, saying “No, get out!”

I was just trying to help her a bit because she had a diaper on, underneath her underwear from nap time.

If I even look at her when she is in the bathroom she gives me this death stare and tells me to go away!

My little baby is no longer a baby, she’s a big girl!!!!

And she just exclaimed “I did it!”

Wiped herself and hopped off the toilet.


I’m so proud of her, but so sad she isn’t my “baby” anymore!

2 thoughts on “Miss Independent!”

  1. Aww I know how you feel. But good for her:) Kodie always yells “watch out mom, watch out!” when he is going. Hard to believe a 2 year old understands privacy.


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