Getting my hair done tonight as well as having my eyebrows waxed. Looking forward to it since I haven’t done it since March, right before Disney. It really needs done! 

I know that it won’t “cure” me of me of feeling down in the dumps, but it will definitely give me a boost in the positive direction!

I’m actually at my parents right now and about to eat dinner. Steak yum.

My appointment is at 7:15!

I have to remember to get some marshmellows and rice crispies to make Brian rice crispie treats to bring in to work tomorrow for a potluck. 

I have a headache, I’ve been getting them a lot frequently, not fun.

7 thoughts on “Hm…”

  1. Whooohooo to making momma feel special! I would absolutely love to get my hair and brows done! So glad you get to do that! I hope your appointment goes well, and he gets a clear picture of what’s going on with you so he can really help.

    mmmmm….. yummy yummy rice crispies… sounds like I need to make some now that you mention it… sounds delightful!!


  2. How fun, it’s always nice to do something for yourself. We all could use a happy boost from time to time huh?! Definitely want to see some pics of how it turns out 🙂


  3. A little off topic from this post,but I was just curious if you were charting when you got pregnant with Katie?.If you were what was your due date according to your chart and how close to that date did you deliver?.Sorry if this is a silly question…just wanted to see if there was any real difference going by the date of conception than the LMP route.


  4. Yes, I was charting with Katie.

    My due date was July 4th!

    She came exactly a week early though, on June 27th!


    Brianna I did not chart but my due date was August 7th and she was born the morning of August 8th!


  5. Cool,just wanted to get an idea…but of course it’s one of those things that you won’t know until it happens.According to my FF chart i’m due on Nov 29th…I have a bad feeling he may come on thanksgiving (also my b-day)
    i’m having mixed feelings about that :/.


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