So, um, yeah..

Completely disregard my last post!

I should have known when I wasn’t able to focus on anything but these grandios ideas that I was a wee bit hypomanic.. Seriously.. This week has been crazy and my emotions/hormones/and everything else has completely thrown me off whack.

First off I had Brandon and Everett on Monday. Worked on Grant’s blanket and read 2 episodes of Smallville v4.1. Brandon, Everett and Turner on Tuesday. Hung out with Christie while the kids played for an extra hour. I did cookie dough and baked 4 pans of cookies.Brian had a cell group to go to so was not home. Brandon, Everett and Clea on Wednesday.  I  didn’t get dinner started on time and Brian didn’t get to eat, tempers were flaring and  yada yada yada. I went to bed all pissed off. Made dough and baked 2 pans of cookies. Today I had Brandon and Clea, as well as watched Katie and Paige for 2 hours. I did cookie dough and baked 3 pans of cookies. I worked on Grant’s blanket, read 20 pages of Smallville v4.1 Had cramps where I felt like I couldn’t even walk they hurt so badly. Took meds, made dinner after flippant comment from Brian. We got into a huge arguement, actually more like I screamed and yelled at him. And then he took Katie to cell group while Brianna and I stayed home.

As for my previous post, all day I was thinking about how I wanted to open a scrapbook/yarn/art studio cafe… That got to the point where I couldn’t really concentrate on anything else but trying to figure this out, including talking about it in depth with my Mom and emailing Kelly and calling Stephanie about it. Wanting their opinions.. It got to the point in my head where the only way it would be what I wanted if it was a 3 story building or been like a hotel.. So basically something that could be very realistic to something that was just completely off the richter scale! My brain has finally settled down and I’m able to see that now, but while I was thinking up all these grand plans, it was all I could think about.. Everything from how it had to have a fireplace to how much parking we would need! The money to do it was never even considered either, just that everything I wanted could and would be done.

So yeah.. I’m glad it’s Thursday night, because that means tomorrow is Friday! I really need the weekend to unwind..

2 thoughts on “So, um, yeah..”

  1. Hey V
    My MIL does similar things, in Oct she spent over $5000 on an embroidery machine, new sewing machine (she has 2 that work perfectly fine and are fairly new), all sorts of stuff b/c she was going to make these boutique purses to sell on eBay. She’d go on and on about this… meanwhile, she’s never sold anything on eBay, and her house is neither pet or smoke free, she also didn’t research to see if these purses and dog clothing (seriously, lol) were even selling. Then she decided she’d have to open two eBay stores b/c dog clothes and purses aren’t related… she’d go on and on to dh about it. She’s had this thing for about 6wks now and has no idea how to use it. She was in a manic state. When she’s manic, she goes crazy spending $$ (well, credit cards.. her boyfriend’s credit cards). She has no impulse control, if she sees it, she wants it, she gets it.
    I hope you’re feeling more like yourself soon.


  2. Hi hun hope you are ok!!!

    Can’t believe we have to wait till feb for more lost!! AND echo dying was a shock, I loved the strength he had, shame I think they could have done a lot more with his character!!
    Lost in the uk has caught up to america, so at least I can chat to people without giving anything away!!
    I love thursdays too!!! Weekend here we come. xxx


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