I have my follow up appt. at the pdoc on Friday. It can’t come soon enough. I think I either A. need a med adjustment or B. need to try something else.  Most likely A.

At my counseling appt. Sharon said I was hypomanic and extremely hyper-focused.

I couldn’t even tell you now what we even talked about.. Though I know that I talked an awful lot with a lot of enthusiasm.


Gotta go..

Might update more details later!

4 thoughts on “hyper-focused…”

  1. Veronica,

    what are you taking? Feel free to email me again if you would like rather than talk about it on here. I just wondered because it doesn’t sound like you are on the right meds. Of course it does take time, but for me it took a combination of therapies to get it right. If you would like to know what I am on and have been on, let me know and I will let you know the side effects of each one and the combinations that worked for me.


  2. hopefully a new med or adjustment makes you feel more like yourself. Glad your getting the help you need though. I think of you often. I can really relate to alot of what you say. *lots of love*


  3. They started me on 150 twice a day of Trileptal. I was supposed to do that for 3 weeks, but couldn’t swing it schedule wise. My appt. is on Friday. I have read of so many people being on a “cocktail” of meds.. I really hope that we get it figured out and quickly. I really hate this rapid cycling crap..


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