Ok… now what.. LOL..

Pictures were quite interesting today. Katie did her trademark “I don’t like you and I’m going to show you” pout. Brianna put on the “smile”…

This one was taken a week ago. And after 12 pics this is the only decent one.

1st try.. Katie gave up her binky and cloth but would not let me have the naked baby .

Close up on nakie baby and “the pout”

13 thoughts on “Ok… now what.. LOL..”

  1. Oh man, they are so cute! The naked baby totally makes it original, lmao!!

    I am amazed at how tall Brianna looks! Is she pretty tall for her age, or is this an optical illusion? 😉


  2. LOL, thanks!

    Brianna is pretty tall for her age. She is only 5 and wears a size 8! She was 95% for weight and 97% for height at her 5 yr in August!


  3. Thanks Maria!

    Katie loves that baby, she got it for Christmas last year and it goes everywhere with her. If I even attempt to put clothes on the doll she freaks out, LOL!


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