Christmas cards ordered!

I ordered 100 cards, hopefully that is all we need!!!!!!  We ended up choosing the close up santa picture and they should be ready by tomorrow night! I need to get a roll of stamps from Sam’s when I pick them up, then all I need to do is address them and send them out!

Now I’m off to make some cookies!!!

Today was a very long day and I’m looking forward to bed.

1 thought on “Christmas cards ordered!”

  1. Good golly! That is a lot of cards! I sent out 39 and handed one to my neighbor.

    Want to hear my lazy way of addressing christmas cards? A couple years ago I put them all into Word (using the “Envelopes and Labels” function) and bought some Avery mailing labels that are stickers. So now all I have to do is open it up, making any changes, additons, deletions and then print them out again. I’m sure other people use this lazy way but all the ones I get sent to me seem to be handwritten.


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