When do your kids take baths?

We have been doing it in the morning, but with watching 1 year olds, it’s not very fun. I can’t leave them downstairs alone because they get into everything and same with bringing them upstairs. So I’ve been considering doing bath time at night. It just seems like there isn’t much room for family time if we do that, and I don’t want the girls going to be with wet hair. Though I suppose I could blowdry it.. We usually eat dinner around 6:30 because Brian gets home from work at 6. And bedtime is 8. I guess if we did baths at 7:30 and pushed back their bedtime to 8:30.

Anyway, what works for your family?

8 thoughts on “Baths…”

  1. Hey V!

    We do bathtime at night 99% of the time. But rarely do daytime baths. Like right now Alex is about to get in because he fell asleep last night. I used to LOVE being able to throw all 3 kiddos in together, but that no longer works because the tub is way too small, plus the kids are older now, and whatnot. (Privacy issues, lol)

    But normal time for them is around 7pm, give or take. That gives Abby enough time to have dry hair, and for them to wind down after the baths!

    Hope you find a solution hun!


  2. Lately I have been showering with the girls in the late afternoon/early evening, and Levi gives Vance a bath before bed. I am really wanting to get them showering on their own though! I would think at 6 1/2 at least Fafers could do it and maybe help Alorah..we’ll see lol. Hopefully by this time next year I’ll have them solo on showering!!

    It is hard with little ones around! I hopw you can find a good solution that works for you!


  3. We give baths/showers at night. Sometimes I’ll put Abby in the shower with Megan and let her wash her (Abby is 16 months). If not I put them in the bath together. On occasion we let them shower with us in the morning if we are out late the night before.


  4. I wish Brianna would take a shower! It took me forever to transition from bath to shower when I was a kid and looks like Brianna is going to be the same. I hate getting water in my face or eyes and she hates it too.

    I’ve missed you hun, hope your back 😉


  5. We have always done the baths at night. It was the way we made a bedtime routine. Now that Kaelyn is in school I do blow-dry her hair. I used to not worry about it and fix it in the morning, but we don’t have as much time as we used to.


  6. Jackie does hers at night, she goes to bed with wet hair sometimes. Then Emmy and Julie take one, together, in the mornings while I do laundry. But I don’t have other lil ones running around. How big is your bathroom? What about putting both girls in… you scrub Katie, Daddy does Brianna? Make it a fun family time 🙂 Plus it’d be easier on you to have some help 🙂


  7. I do bath time each night. We have dinner – the kids play for 30-45 minutes – then Robbie gets a bath & Jaina gets a shower. I wish Robert would give them baths in the mornings sometimes because it takes a chunk out of the evening. He’s home for 6 1/2 hrs during the day – I only get that 1 hr before bath/bedtime. *pout* But, I do like knowing the kids are clean and nice & cozy in their pajamas at bedtime. It would definitely be nice if Brian could help you in the evenings – I know I wish I had some help most nights.


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