Bath time was a success!

So we tried out our new routine last night! Though a little late because we ended up going to Chik-Fil-A for dinner, then the girls played, and then we went to Walmart. So we got home around 7:45..

First we did baths, (which was awesome because the day before they had colored with bath crayons all over and it needed to be cleaned off for FIL and stepMIL’s visit!) so they cleaned off the “crayon” and got washed, we didn’t do hair though, too late. Then they got their pj’s on. Brushed teeth. Went downstairs and they put there magnets on their responsibility charts (love melissa and doug) 4 stories, 2 for each! Then it was off to bed!

It went awesome and I definitely like the routine, they seemed to like it as well!

Thanks for telling me your bath time routine!

4 thoughts on “Bath time was a success!”

  1. I will use this to comment on all the posts that I have missed since I’ve been gone (I still am gone, but finally had a chance to get online…I forgot how much dial-up sucks ;))
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too!! I miss ya hun, and I hope we can somehow get together soon!!
    Your Christmas looks like it was awesome, ours was too-for the most part, I’ll get more into that the next time we IM if you are interested :). You all got some great gifts!! My favorite gift this year was my new Kitchen Aid from Scott’s parents. YES!! I’ve wanted one for forever but they are EXPENSIVE!!
    I’m glad you found a routine you like that works for you. We usually do baths at night, though not everynight. Most times it’s shortly after dinner and then they get to play a little and have a couple stories before bed. My kids tend to have an earlier bed time so we do have to squeeze things in.
    Well, now that I’ve written a whole letter in the comment area 🙂 I’ll be going. We will be at my parents house where things aren’t so crazy and I’ll have easy access to faster internet (and IM) so maybe I’ll talk to you soon!! Love ya!!


  2. I didn’t have a chance to respond until tonight but we usually do baths at night. If you don’t wait too long after baths or wait long enough…it can make them sleepy. We usually give baths around 7:30 and then they are put straight into jammies. Macie’s hair gets combed and blown dry and then they get their milk and tucked into bed. If we do a story – we actually do it in the tub because my kids LOVE the bath and the warm water relaxes them.

    I’m glad your kids did well with their routine. I hope every night goes as well for you as this one!! ;D


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