Yes! Thank you Lord!!

We have only had 1 car for awhile now. Can’t remember exactly when, but it has been a long, long time, for us anyway. Our prayers of what to do about that situation have been answered! My parents gave us a big sum of money for Christmas and we thought about getting a very used car LOL.. Then Brian’s Dad told us that Grandmom isn’t going to be driving for much longer, she has paid insurance on her car for another 3 months but not sure she is going to be driving it for that long. She really shouldn’t be driving now. So she wants us to have her car!!!!!!!

It’s a……

 1998 Ford Contour with 3,000 miles!!!!

We are so incredibly blessed and happy! We have a wedding to go to in May, and we were going to go without the kids. Our thoughts are that we will fly out, and drive the car back.

So very excited!

7 thoughts on “Yes! Thank you Lord!!”

  1. How very kind of her to give that to you and what a huge blessing that is! That’s like almost getting a brand NEW car! I’m happy for you guys!


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