Night at the Museum!

Brianna and I had a date after dinner. We went and saw Night at the Museum. The movie rocks! We both loved it and can’t wait until it comes to the dollar theater so we can see it again with Brian and Katie. The first thing Brianna said on our way to the car was, “I want to get that movie for our house!” I heartily agreed!

Go see it if you haven’t yet!

3 thoughts on “Night at the Museum!”

  1. I am glad you had a fun night with Brianna!! I love those kind of dates with the kiddos!!

    Tonight Sierra and I have movie date downstairs in the living room at 6pm to watch Cheetah Girls 2!! 🙂


  2. Good to hear it is a good movie for the kids. We had talked about taking the girls on Saturday (actually Missy invited us) but it was a big fat NO since football was on. LOL – Men.


  3. That is why Brian and Katie will get to go when it is in the dollar theater! It’s the playoffs, Brian is glued to football LOL! Thank goodness the Eagles won the game in the last 3 seconds last night or I swear he would have had an overtime induced heart attack!


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