Had my pdoc appointment last Friday. It went well, even with having Brandon with me.  Dr. Abrams upped my trileptal to 1200mg a day. 600am/600pm..

So far I haven’t started the 600am yet, I wanted one more day at 300am.

Tomorrow I will start it though..  I’ve been a bit weepy, it’s kind of weird having “feelings”. I guess I will work through that in counseling..

7 thoughts on “Trileptal”

  1. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. This must be why. You know I’m constantly praying for you!! I’ve been mnissing you, and reading yoru blogs has made me miss you more. I wish we lived closer so we could see each other… and be a support system for each other. I know we can do that through commenting and blogging and chatting when we happen to catch each other, but you know… just to know that we could go get coffee and talk about my freak out of the week or whatever 🙂 I’m sorry I’ve not been around. We can’t get an internet connection at our house. I’ve been at this coffe house since 9 and I still havent finished everything i want to get done online… but I wanted to make sure I said hi to you and let you know that I’m not forgetting you, I just dont have internet. This place is getting ready to close so I gotta run! I hope upping your meds has helped, I will continue to keep you in my prayers!! LOVE YA!!!!


  2. Hope that the changes helps you out! And a quick question….how does the time you take it play a role? Why not 8am and 8pm? Just being nosey! 😉


  3. I basically picked 7am because theat is when I wake up and 7pm is usually right after dinner. I easily remember along with my phone alarm going off. I’m supposed to take it morning and night..


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