Damn It….

I filled my prescription for my Trileptal and I about had a heart attack..

It was $350 before insurance and…

$276 after insurance…

WTF… There is no generic and my insurance sucks…

And they wonder why people go off their meds, people can’t afford that shit…

(I apologize for the swearing, but I’m pissed off)

18 thoughts on “Damn It….”

  1. Swearing compleatly acceptable 😉

    I hear ya too…that’s exactly why I didn’t take Zophram when I was pregnant with Janna – sure I was totally miserable and that probably would have helped, but (at least at that time) there was no generic so our insurance wouldn’t cover any of it – and it was like $350 for 2 weeks worth!

    It’s horrid, really.


  2. I wish there was something you could take that was cheaper. I take prevacid and its costs me 90 a month. sucks! I Take alot more meds…after insurance pays I pay about 160.00 a month total. Sucks…but that is outrageous!


  3. Wow.

    OK, try this- a different med (if that is a choice for you)


    call the company who makes the med and ask them if they have a program to help ppl with medication costs. lots of companies are doing that now, to help ppl who need medicines but can not afford them.

    good luck!


  4. OMG Veronica, that is robbery. 😦 I am so sorry. Is that just 1 months worth?? Can your doctor put you on anything else that is similar but cheaper?


  5. What she said!! That is CRAZY!!

    My injections are $15k a year and I know the drug company helps with people who can not afford them. My insurance is $150/month co-pay.


  6. You probably need to switch to something cheaper. I really think there are other meds that work just as well that are ALOT cheaper. The #1 mood stabilizer is lithium and it is only 7 dollars with insurance for me. I take several other meds, which end up being pretty high, but you can find something else cheaper. If you don’t you are going to end up not taking it because of the cost. Good luck.


  7. That is just sickening! Something to HELP someone is actually HURTING them (financially). I hope you are able to figure something out to help. ((hugs))


  8. OMG. That is outrageous. I would definitely check into a program to help with the costs – or seriously talk to your doctor about something a bit more reasonably priced that will do the same job. I’m sorry, Veronica – that really sucks!


  9. *GULP* that just sucks. I would seriously check on your Rx plan to see if there is a mail order discount. (our drug insurance allows you to mail in 90 day supplies for nothing- it might allow for some savings for you.)

    Secondly, ask the doctor when the patent comes off the medication (that’s when a generic can be made) and DO NOT be afraid to ask him/her for samples. Once you explain the price tag, I am sure you can get them.

    I would also call the drug manufacturer and ask if they have an assistance program for helping with the costs.

    And dude, please I would so be swearing!!!!!


  10. omg! I’d be swearing too!! that’s so rediculous!!! Maybe you’ll come across something that will help the cost. i’m so sorry!!!


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