Brian has been stressing out lately about our finances. Mainly being able to afford my pdoc appt.s as well as our trips to PA and our “honeymoon” to Hawaii… We had just gotten the pdoc bill and he was looking into flights to PA for May and he was getting a tad freaked out about all the money we would be shelling out.. We haven’t really prayed together in a long time and Saturday night Brian prayed for us on making decisions med wise and financially.

An amazing gift from the Lord came at just the right time. Brian had a Global One recognition meeting on Monday morning and they presented him with a plaque and a check for $500! He called and he was just in awe of how the Lord provided at just the right time. He really needed to see that answered prayer.

I’m just so very happy that the stress has been alleviated from Brian *for now, as it is something he continually struggles with* and that God gave him a glimpse of what prayer and faith can do in the financial department!

Does anyone else have any stories of how you were stressed out and then God provided in ways you didn’t seem possible? They are so uplifting to hear!

And believe me, right now I really need to be uplifted, I’m barely there in the faith/prayer department these days, if anything I’ve been running the other direction 😦

Jeannie, can you email me at veronica525@gmail.com..

I really wanted your “help” with somethings..

7 thoughts on “Amazing..”

  1. Before christmas I had some toys etc for the kids on layaway at Walmart. I only had one day left to pick them up. I was freaking out as I didnt know what we were going to do. We had no money coming in til after christmas and I didnt want to ask our parents for more. That day a check came in the mail we had NO idea was coming for 600.00. We changed banks last year in december and moved our mortgage. This was an equity payment from the old bank. I cried I was so happy and phoned Jim at work right away. Heck I phoned everyone..lol

    So yes, god is wonderful.


  2. That’s wonderful Veronica. Finances are such a yucky thing to worry about. There actually have been a couple times we were very short and would have a check arrive that we had no idea was coming. One time we had a bill due and no money and we got a check from something that was almost exactly the same amount as the bill due!


  3. Isn’t that awesome!

    That happened to me, but with something kind of materialist LOL.. I got the girls Anywhere chairs with their christmas money but it was only enough to cover the chairs and embroidery and not the shipping and the day I wanted to place the order we got a check from the lawn car company giving us a partial refund and it was for the exact amount of the shipping. I was like “it’s a sign, the girls have to have these chairs” LOL…


  4. I had a friend I wanted to try and raise money for because of their very strained circumstances (this was December ’05). I raised $500 when someone I know stepped forward and was SO touched by their situation that they wrote a check for 3,000! I was shocked, I cried, I thanked God…the Lord actually blessed them in a VERY unexpected way financially and they wanted to pass that on. It touched my heart that God knew my friend’s need and used another of my friends to reach them in that way…


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