This weekend I was very adamant that I wanted to go off my meds and not go on anything else, that there really wasn’t anything wrong with me and I was tired of the side effects I was having, especially in the last few days…

I’m feeling better about all of that now and want to stay on, though hopefully finding something else *read: less expensive* that will work for me..

I’ve been doing pretty well with making dinner and doing my motivated moms calendar. The girls have been doing their routine and it has really helped with “nigh, nigh” as well as making sure they are bathed, read to, and snuggled without too much frustratiion on my end!

I’ve still been obsessed over my Chlex fanfics and have been printing one in particular out and reading it like crazy, it’s a very focused obsession and I don’t like if something gets in the way of it, but I’ve found that I can participate and have the kids do cool things and get to read it, instead of me going insane and freaking about stuff. I’m on chapter 130+ and there are 190+ chapters. So almost there.

Brian and I have been doing really well, talking more and having a lot more fun in the bedroom..

I’m jealous because I have a knitting party to go to on Friday *which I am excited about* but Brian got free tickets to an OSU hockey game and I love watching hockey live.. He is going to take Brianna and see if one of his friends and their kids can go..  Brianna is really excited though, she likes to watch the Flyers with Brian when they are on TV..

Alright, better go.. I hope everyone is doing alright. I’ve been trying to read my FL, but haven’t been super great about commenting. Everyone is in my thoughts!

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