Is that food I smell???

I don’t know what is wrong with me but I am on a major food binge. I just seem to be constantly stuffing my face with junk and I really don’t have much junk in the house. Things that I normally just eat a little bit of or just one of, I have been doubling the amount. I have been craving salt though, maybe it’s a medicine thing because it can deplete you salt, which is why I need to get the blood work done. But I’ve gone through similar food binges before, so I’m not sure if that is it..

Does anyone else struggle with this??

6 thoughts on “Is that food I smell???”

  1. Yes I do! Mine mainly happen before my period starts, but I can get them other times too. Like last night I NEEDED chips and went through my bag of pickle chips. Not the best thing when you are trying to lose weight. Or there will be times I’m not really hungry, but feel like I should eat, does that make sense?


  2. I totally feel you! I think it is probably your meds. When I was on Zoloft, I was constantly so hungry and gained a lot of weight. Now that I have been off it for almost 2 months, I am not such a piggy, ok, well I have my days of being a piggy but they are few and father between than they used to be *rofl*!

    I am not telling you to go off your meds! Meds are good, if you need them! However, I do think that is is totally normal and most likely the medication is trigging your hunger.

    I am babbling, just wanted to say, you are not alone, I have been there (((HUGS)))

    Or maybe you are PG! 😀


  3. My problem is that I just LOVE food. Stupid me made more cookies the other day. My love for my new mixer is going to equal extra pounds. Damn it. Good luck getting over the binge!


  4. LOL at the *needing* chips, I had that same feeling today and yet we had no chips. I settled for two hotdogs with lots of ketchup instead, though if I had chips, I probably would have had the hotdogs along with them LOL..

    I totally get that feeling that I should be eating though I’m not hungry. I usually find that is when I’m not *doing* anything, so maybe I’m *bored*, who knows. I had been trying to just eat gum and drink a lot. I read somewhere that a lot of the times we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty.


  5. LOL, I think that is some if not all of my problem too! Brian told me I had to stop baking so much because he put on 10 pounds. Baking makes me feel good, the power of my Kitchen Aid is so orgasmic LOL! Seriously though, using the mixer makes baking a piece of cake and since I love baking, I’ve been a baking fool since I got it last year for Christmas!


  6. I definitely like salty food and sweet food. Normally not together but I tend to want to go on little binges too. It stinks because I can’t afford to do that. Not when I’m trying to lose weight. I either eat poorly or not at all most times (not anorexic though…I just skip breakfast barely eat lunch and then eat a normal dinner) but my body goes into starvation mode and holds onto every bit of fat. ICK

    It is hard but I am trying to get my eating habits under the power of the Holy Spirit. That isn’t easy either. UGH

    I understand your frustration sweetie!

    I’m also going to reply to your email…things around here have been very disjointed and weird but I will email you this evening. I want to make sure I’m not distracted while working on it. 😉



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