Daddy daughter date night!

Brianna and Brian went on a date night on Friday!

They ate dinner at Wendy’s. Then went to the OSU hockey game! (Brian had gotten 4 free tickets from work). They met Jay and his son Isaac there. On the way Brianna had said she was a bit nervous because she wasn’t sure if she had to stand or not and her legs were very tired. Once they were at the game she and Isaac were having a blast. Brian explained to her that being in the penalty box was like being in time out. So she said do they get 5 minutes like me. He told her only 2 minutes. She said oh, like Katie! She got a soft pretzel and Isaac got popcorn. OSU tied the game. On the way home, there were two lanes of traffic, one was at a stand still and the other was moving. Brianna told Brian to get out of the car and tell the car ahead of them that he needed to move so they could get through LOL.

They went to Walmart and Brian bought a hockey game for his PSP. Then Brianna so the flowers and said she wanted to get them for me. When Katie and I got home, they had us sit on the couch with our eyes closed and then Brianna put flowers in a vase in my hand. She had the biggest grin on her face and asked me if I loved them and if I was surprised! They gave Katie one flower and she kept sniffing it and then wanted to pull the petals off LOL. I told Brianna that they were beautiful and I was very surprised. She asked later if I could get her flowers next time. And then asked if we could keep the flowers in her room LOL.

So sweet!

10 thoughts on “Daddy daughter date night!”

  1. Aren’t they special! I love when they go out, they so need it!

    Brianna is such a sweetheart, she has her moments when I think how am I going to survive the teenage years, but then she does something like this and I’m all smiles and my heart goes all gooey!


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