My presents!

The girls woke me up this morning with hugs and kisses. Katie handed me my glasses and they had christmas bags lined up on the bed. They told me it was time for me to open my presents and cards. So I went about it. I got a lovely drawing of myself. Two nail files from the 4th of July parade last summer. A pair of Katie’s black shiny mary janes. And Katie’s naked waterbabie!

They were absolutely thrilled that I loved my gifts! Such beautiful loving girls and I’m so happy to have them in my life! A wonderful gift from the Lord, I’m glad He is giving them to me to raise. I love the girls so much my heart aches! It’s amazing that he loves me more than I can even fathom, more than I could ever possibly love my own children.. (Still having trouble grasping that concept, with my abandonment issues.)

5 thoughts on “My presents!”

  1. Beautiful Veronica, just beautiful.

    The Lord is relaying to you that no matter what pain you have endured and issues you may struggle with that you are doing an AMAZING job with your children!!

    I know exactly what you mean about trying to grasp the Lords love and ours as his children…

    You deserve to feel amazing every day of your life V!!

    Love ya!!!


  2. Thanks Ella, that is really encouraging.. Sometimes I don’t feel that way at all, sometimes I feel like I suck so badly at the whole mom thing..


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