Popi/Abuela grand daughter night!

Katie got to spend time with her Popi and Abuela. (I was at my knitting party while Brian and Brianna were at the hockey game) She took a 3 hour nap at my parents. Then when she got up she played non stop with Popi and Abuela. When I went to pick her up it was really neat to see her interacting with my Dad. It seriously melts my heart to see them together. She runs up to him and he puts his hand out to her like he is going to grab her and she squeals in delight and runs away only to do it again. Then she was running and leaping onto my Mom and my Mom was doing leg lifts and putting her high in the air, though Katie was ever vigilant to see where Popi was LOL. When I picked her up she ran to both Popi and Abuela and told them I lub you Popi, lub you Beula.

She is so incredibly sweet! They grow up so fast!

15 thoughts on “Popi/Abuela grand daughter night!”

  1. I think those relationships are amazing to watch. I was never close with my dad growing up – but I LOVE watching him with my kids. They have such a bond with him šŸ™‚


  2. My girls just love my Dad….FIL not so much, he just isn’t a “kid” kind of guy.

    Random question – why do they call your Dad “Popi” and not Abuelo?

    My girls call my sister “Tia”, which she requested because she thinks Aunt Amy sounds funny. LOL


  3. Same with me, I wouldn’t say that my Dad and I were that way. I was never Daddy’s little girl.. It’s really cool to see how he interacts with the girls.. So special!


  4. Who know’s why they call him that LOL.. My Mom is Abuela because she didn’t want to be grandma and nana was already taken by my nana.. So she decided she wanted abuela.. somehow my dad just became popi!

    LOL at Amy, sounds like my Mom!


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