Stupid Internet!

It has been in and out all day and it has completely frustrated me! It has taken forever for me to comment to my friends. So I’m a bit behind, and I will catch up!

It’s thankfully fixed. It had something to do with the connection on our end, I’m glad to have it back. I forgot how many things I do on the computer. I couldn’t do banking or check on tv listings and look things up that I needed to know on google!

I’m glad to have it back LOL!

9 thoughts on “Stupid Internet!”

  1. Have I passed my crappy internet experience onto you?! LOL

    I’m glad that it has been fixed and you are back online! It really sucks to be without the daily things that you use online.


  2. How dare you not have internet!!! We are so cool being on our journals and on the phone 🙂 LOL

    I missed you a ton today and I am so glad that we got a chance to talk tonight 🙂 I know Brian thinks I am a telephone junkie since we talk so much!

    I am soooo glad that we are friends, I finally feel like someone besides Charles gets me!!

    I know we just talked for almost 2 hours, so I won’t go on and on here, but I am so thankful for the blessing of your friendship!

    BUT, I had to tell you this…Charles and I were talking around Christmas time and I was really upset about my friendship situation and I was telling him that I wish I could find a friend who valued friendship as much as I did. He told me that I would find some great friends and to just be patient.
    After we got off the phone the yesterday I was going on and on about you and how happy I was that we were friends and he was like, told you that you would find a friend you really clicked with!!

    Anyway now you think I am a crazy lady for going on and on!!
    Thank you for friendship, Love you Veronica!!
    Oh, and I feel so special that I am on your myFaves 🙂
    Goodnight 🙂


  3. I know Kate, why did you have to pass that along! LOL! I’m glad it is fixed too, now your online woes are a bit closer to my heart after going through it myself LOL…


  4. Ella, you crack me up! Only we would be talking on the phone and online at the same time.. Hey, I folded lots of laundry during that timeframe too!!

    I missed you too, I was so mad that I forgot my phone at home. I felt so disconnected! Brian’s just going to be happy that you are on myFaves list, otherwise I would be in big trouble LOL.. We have logged a lot of talk time!

    I know I wrote all this in one of your previous posts, but I’m so thankful too Ella! It’s so refreshing to have such a genuine friendship!

    And it’s almost midnight! I so need to go to bed.. Tomorrow, on my way to drop Brianna off, I will give you a call!



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