I’m tired, so tired..

This weekend was awesome! We stayed up entirely too late both nights, got a lot of scrapbooking, eating and chatting in. It was a blast.

I had a preggo scare though, My LP has never gone past 13 without spotting or getting my period and my temp continued to be up, with no spotting for 14 days. So I wigged out. I finally started spotting on Sunday late afternoon though, and finally got AF full force today on day 16.

I cam back with the start of something, I have a cough and I feel really achey, then put cramps on top of it.. Yuck.. I haven’t really been on the computer, I started trying to catch up on my FL yesterday, but finally gave up and layed down instead.

I have 5 kiddos including mine today and I’m just going to try and “rest” as much as possible today, I don’t want to get full blown sick!

Miss you all!


5 thoughts on “I’m tired, so tired..”

  1. I’m glad to hear that you had a great time but that sucks that you came back feeling under the weather. Take it easy and get well soon!


  2. I MISSED you a TON this weekend! But I am so glad that you had so much fun and were surrounded by all of your friends!

    Next time there is a scare, you MUST call me! I am so happy that we got to talk for our usual 2 hour stint today LOL!

    I hope you did end up getting some rest and that the kids weren’t too cranky for the rest of the day!

    I will call you tomorrow after I drop the kids off at school, that is unless you call me at 5am LOL

    Love you V!!


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