Please pray…

The tornado that hit florida…

My PopPop and his wife Gitta live in Lady Lake..

We have no idea whether or not they are alright..

It’s just wait and see right now..

Lady Lake was hit the hardest.. They lived in The Villages..



          My PopPop and Gitta are alright. Their house is fine and that is the only details I have right now.. Thank you so much for the prayers girls. I really appreciate them!

14 thoughts on “Please pray…”

  1. I’m so glad to hear they are ok. The Villages are right near where I grew up and near where my parents currently live in Ocala FL. It was a total mess here last night.


  2. I’m glad to know your family is alright!! I saw that there was a tornado warning in Florida when we were checking our snow forcast. We’ll keep praying!!!


  3. I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier. I am so glad they are alright though. Man, those storms have to be so scary to experience. *hugs*


  4. Thank God that they and their house are ok! That must have been hard for you to hear about the storm and not hear from them right away. *hugs*


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