Brianna funny..

Brianna says in a highly annoyed voice,
“Mommy, Katie used a real comb on my dolls hair last night and now she looks like a ragamuffin”

(I guess Brianna does listen to me. For the words “Brianna, come here, I need to do your hair before we go to xyz. You can’t go out looking like a ragamuffin”, said numerous times by me, has seemed to rub off on her)

(Addition: Brianna was just brushing my hair and said, “Mommy, You was a ragamuffin, but now your hair is flat and you’re not a ragamuffin anymore.”)

5 thoughts on “Brianna funny..”

  1. I always think I should write down all Shay says then I forget half 😦 Thats priceless. For little ears that dont seem to be listening they sure pick up on things dont they?..lol


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