Thanks to Maria the Gymboree spokeswoman!

LOL! I totally didn’t intend to do anything with the coupon code Maria gave out, but somehow fate intervened!

My Mom and I were going to go to the mall today and before we went the mail came and what happened to be inside her mail.. The 20% coupon for Gymboree! So we went in and got Brianna 3 solid turtle necks, 1 print turtle neck, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of cords, 1 denim embroidered skirt and for $60! Well I should say free, because it was a gift to Brianna from her Abuela 😉 She desperately needed new clothes, even after getting some this past fall for back to school. Her jeans had holes in them and were to tight, and her shirts were starting to reveal tummy and going way past her wrists. My baby girl is only 5 1/2 years old!!!!!  She had been in a size 7 shirts and 8 pants. So we got her 8/9 shirts and 9 pants.

She is loving her new clothes! Especially the skirt 🙂

My fave part of Gymboree, besides the fact that it’s high quality and the girls can match or at least coordinate, is that it is still innocent little girl clothing. Some of the clothes I see little girls wearing these days are just scary. They look like miniature teens walking around.. It’s sad that they want to and their parents let them grow up so fast…

6 thoughts on “Thanks to Maria the Gymboree spokeswoman!”

  1. I so totally agree with you about little girls clothes!!! Not only are we making them grow up too fast we are letting them look like little street walkers (often) while they are doing it. (and don’t even get me started on some of the toys for little girls that help promote this) It’s also not particulary easy to find clothes that don’t follow this current trend.:( Although I do like a lot of Gymborees stuff, it is usually too rich for me to go out and buy, but I do LOVE it when we get t as hand me downs!


  2. I am *SO* WITH YOU! I cannot believe some of the clothes I find on Ebay and in stores for little girls!!!!!! *GULP!* They are teenagers soon enough, why make it happen any faster?

    I am jealous! LOL! I want a coupon! LOL! I am kidding! I am so happy that you were able to get such great deals! I bet Brianna is thrilled!


  3. Yeah, I can’t afford Gymboree either, sales and coupons, gifts and hand me downs are usually the only way we get it!

    I totally hear you on the toys! Everytime I see Bratz it makes me gag. The girls don’t have any of those dolls. It’s degrading..


  4. Didn’t you give me the link to the Gymboree outlet or something like that before? Do you still have it?

    Thankfully right now Brianna wants to be a cowgirl, princess, firefighter when she grows up LOL, and not something like a Bratz doll (which I don’t allow in the house)!


  5. Bratx were EXACTLY the ones I was thinking if. A few years ago I had a friend refer to them, and Bratz Boyz, as HO’Z and THUGZ, and that’s all I ever think of now. 🙂


  6. I love a good deal!! 🙂 I went to Old Navy this weekend while I was at my parents house and got a ton of stuff with the gift card i had. YAY! 🙂
    ps I LOVE your new uploaded pic!!! 🙂


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