Peanut Butter recall…

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Just in case anyone missed this…there has been a recall on ALL Con-Agra brand foods ( Walmart Great Value brand) and Peter Pan peanut butter because it has SALMONELLA in it  O.o

You can tell if you have one of the bad jars if it has a batch number on the top starting in 2111

Hoping and praying everyone knows about this already…I just had a friend on my FL who didn’t realize they had a bad jar 😦


*So I run down and check our pantry and sure enough our peanut butter is Wal*Mart Great Value brand and the batch number is starting with 2111. Not only that but pretty much the whole jar is gone. I’m sick just thinking back to sharing a pb&j sandwhich that was loaded with pb with Katie.. And eating pb right out of the jar with some crackers, and the funny thing is that I thought it tasted a bit weird, but kept eating it anyway.. YUCK

6 thoughts on “Peanut Butter recall…”

  1. I read this in the paper yesterday too. Luckily Robert is only a JIF man 😉

    Since the jar is half gone hopefully that means you are safe. They are recalling the whole batch but hopefully not all of them were contaminated. The paper says symptoms would show within 72 hours. If it’s been longer than that since you’ve consumed it I would rest a bit easier. It’s still scary though – I hope nobody gets sick!


  2. Not all the jars were tainted. If you count how many jars were sold v how many ppl actually got sick, the number is actually very low. And PB wouldnt taste funny if it had salmonella, you would only know b/c you would get sick. We had 2 jars, too, that were very much eaten out of. I threw them out, but ours apparently were not contaminated b/c none of us have been sick & my kids eat a lot of pb.


  3. My PB had the 2111 on it too, and we’d been eating it too. I didn’t notice anything strange about it though… still I’m throwing it out. Just hate to waste things. Wonder if Walmart will reimburse us or something… I know… tightwad…


  4. oh no!! I hope you guys are ok. How long would it take for symtoms to start showing up?? I didn’t hear about this until after I had been to Walmart and noticed that our shelves were EMPTY, except for JIFFY. We normally buy Great Value. I guess it’s a God thing we didn’t go shopping a day or two before like I had tried to do 🙂 Praying for you guys always!!!
    Love ya!


  5. We had three jars (Peter Pan). We go thru peanut butter like nothing else. We all survived, so I don’t think ALL of them had it, kwim? There were a few people hospitalized around here though 😉


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