My agenda…

Take the girls to the mall to play at 9:30. Meeting, Mimi, Jenny, Ann-Morgan, and a friend of Ann-Morgan.

Eat lunch somewhere, maybe Chik-fil-a at the food court.

Take Brianna to school.

Go home to do laundry or to my Mom’s to hang out (depends on her mood, she was drinking yesterday and it was making me highly annoyed)

Pick up Brianna from school.

Take kids to the library to get Homeward Bound DVD and some books.

Go home and do laundry or dishes, get dinner prepared and started.

Brian comes home.

Deana leaves with Brandon.

Weekend officially starts!


1 thought on “My agenda…”

  1. Sounds like quite a day…I’ve been having one of tose weeks and the weekend seems to hold no relief, we will be running all weekend too, and then there’s MIL to deal with 😦


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