Answering Heather’s questions!

What is your favorite kind of date to do with Brian? My fave date with Brian is going out to Olive Garden! It’s been the only restuarant that we have gone to that promotes us to have really awesome in depth spiritual/relational conversations! Every time we go there I feel so much closer to Brian when we leave. Not sure exactly why it happens to be Olive Garden, it must be the atmosphere 😉

Ultimately where would you like to live? I don’t really care LOL.. I would actually love to stay around the Columbus area. I moved (out of state) so many times growing up that I would much rather stay put forever!! Part of the reason we want to send the kids to Cypress Weslyan Christian School, so that no matter where we live around here, she will stay at the same school!

How much time do you actually take for YOURSELF? I’m not sure, but I’m actually pretty good at taking time for myself. I seriously think that I would go insane (more than I already am LOL) if I didn’t get out with friends or take a few minutes here or there for myself!

With unlimited money what are the top 3 things you would do? I would give a lot of it away, to church, missions, ministries, to help people. I would build the house of my dreams so that I could have enough room for all my children (which I would have a lot of then, biological and adopted) and to bring in people who needed a place to stay! I would make sure that all of my children’s educations were paid for.

What’s one thing you would do if you could go back in time? I don’t know, that is too hard, I don’t think I want to go back in time, I might screw something up like in Back to the Future LOL.

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