I have so much homework to do for our renewal counseling, but I have a massive headache. I’m about to lay down with Brianna and get some rest.

Brianna is sick. Had a fever of 102.6 last night and a pretty bad cough as well. I called Deana, Christie and Heather this morning to let them know I wouldn’t be able to watch the boys. Called Brianna out of school, Robin (the director) said that a lot of that was going around. She took a bit of a nap today, so you know that she isn’t feeling well. My poor babe.

Katie is doing so much better with the whole potty experience. She is doing great with peeing on the potty and not having accidents. Still having trouble with pooping on the potty though, she mostly goes a little bit in her underwear and then tells us she has to go, gets on the potty and finishes, so she is almost there. I’m trying to make it as positive as I can.

Brian found out today that he is going to be offered the proposal analyst job!!!!!!!!! The official offer should be tomorrow and then we will find out all the particulars but I am so incredibly excited! This is such a wonderful opportunity for him and for our family. A big praise to the Lord!!!

I’m doing pretty well. I picked up a book at my 2 hour counseling session on Saturday and it immediately clicked with me. It’s called Attachments: Why You Love, Feel, and ACT the Way You Do: Unlock the Secret to Loving and Lasting Relationships by Tim Clinton and Gary Sibcy

I have some major abandonment issues contributed to being adopted as well as having a mother who doesn’t believe she has a drinking problem and the ways she has and continues to lash out at me. This book has opened my eyes to why I feel the way I do and and behave in relationships the way I do. My homework this week was to think of some ways I can work on changing my disassociation and this book is definitely going to give me some tools to do that. I can’t wait to bring it to counseling this Saturday.

In other thoughts I’ve really been thinking about Brian and I and how I really want to start praying about when we should TTC… Part of me really wants to start right this second and another wants to hold off until July/end of summer like we had decided.

I had a chance to hang out with Ann-Morgan the other night. She did some scrapbook journaling and I just looked through my book and we talked. It was nice because it’s been awhile since we have gotten together, just the two of us at least.

Well it has taken me awhile to finish this, my headache is gone now,  Brianna and I had some strawberry milkshakes, she is now laying back down (said she wanted another nap) and I’m about to get dinner started.

4 thoughts on “*headache*”

  1. Hope your head feels better now!

    Man, what is it about all these sickies flying around. Seems everywhere I look there are sick kiddos! Hope Brianna feels better soon!

    Congrats to Brian! Sending a virtual high five his way! 🙂


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