Prayers please!

I took Brianna to the ped. today because she sounded just awful and we were having trouble keeping her fever down. Katie stayed with my Mom. Dr. Rothermel listened to her chest repeatedly, and couldn’t really hear anything, but based on Brianna’s history of a cough, she wanted to get her in for a chest x-ray. She also noticed that Brianna’s thyroid seemed to be enlarged so she wanted blood drawn for that as well.

I called Brian and picked him up, then we were on our way to Children’s Hospital Close to Home. She got in right away. Jason did her x-rays and he was so wonderful. Telling her everything he was going to do, having her touch everything. She got to wear a butterfly apron. She did really well listening to all the instructions as they took the x-rays. Then she got to pick a sticker when she was done. They told us they would read the x-rays and then depending on the results, would either call us back so we could talk to our ped. and they would call in a prescription, if nothing showed up we would just go home and wait to hear from the ped. We sat in a waiting room and then they called us back to draw her blood. That wasn’t fun at all. Brianna sat on my lap and then they had one woman hold her arm, while the other woman took the blood. Brian was holding up the bandaid sheet and we were trying to keep Brianna engaged in picking out her favorite charachter bandaide. They had trouble getting the blood and Brianna was a mess after it was all over. She was was so strong and brave during, and then she just started crying. They let her pick a sticker when she was done and then just kept giving her more and more stickers, which she laughed about. She was starting to get really hot again.  They called us in and said the doctor was on the phone for us. They told me that she had pnuemonia in her lower left lobe. They were calling in a prescription for her for Augmentin. That if her fever continued to bring her back in for a recheck on Friday. If the fever went down and continued to stay down to bring her back for a recheck in 2 weeks. They would also call tomorrow with the results of the blood work for the thyroid.

We went to pick up Katie, and then to Walgreens to pick up her perscription as well as some more Motrin, we were tapped out with how much she has had to have to keep the fevers down.

It’s been a long day and she is just feeling awful. I’m praying that she is able to get some much needed rest tonight.

9 thoughts on “Prayers please!”

  1. Poor Brianna! I hope that she starts to feel better soon and I hope the test results come back ok. Evan had pneumonia when he was almost 2, and I had absolutely NO clue. He was running a fever all day one day, had a febrile seizure that night and we found out he was sick at the ER. It was pretty small, and the Augmentin cleared it right up. For the fever, I remember, we had to switch between Ibuprofen and Tylenol every 2 hours until it went down.

    Hope you all can get some much needed rest tonight. *hugs*


  2. I’m so sorry Brianna hasn’t been feeling well!! I had a friend that had pnuemonia and she felt pretty bad. I can’t imagine how a kid must feel.
    😦 I do hope all medicines start helping her feel MUCH better very soon!! I wish I was there to help out somehow. We’ll definitely pray for her. Keeps us updated!! Love ya!


  3. That is terrifying – poor girl having to go through all that. Thats so much even for an adult. I really hope she gets better soon. Its not fair on the littlies to be so sick.


  4. Hey, just checking to see how Brianna is doing. I hope she is feeling better. I know how scary it can be when you hear pneumonia. I am sure she is already feeling better though . . . she was in my prayers last night!


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